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At the age of 18, in the middle of my first year at the University of Edinburgh, I posted a vlog to YouTube. It was in response to another video, uploaded by a complete stranger. I must stress that a decade ago, this was considered weird as heck.

Nowadays, it's par for the course, as one of many ways that an entire generation communicates online. Since those days, some of us have built our social presence into communities,  media empires and household names - while others prefer to work in quieter spaces of this new world. I like to think I've learned how to do a little bit of both.

Since launching my YouTube channel in 2008, I and my online audience have explored nearly every new and growing digital platform that has appeared (except Snapchat - was never really a fan).


As a creator you might not have heard of me, but you might have heard of something I've done. I've been Featured on YouTube several times, acted in a few webseries, released charting albums, co-founded the largest online video event in the UK, and spoken on multiple conference panels; discussing everything from vlogging part-time to tackling the gender gap of online creators.

In recent years, I've shifted focus to writing; I have been the founding editor of two corporate-owned content sites targeted at a digital-savvy audience, and discovered my love for writing editorial - particularly surrounding internet culture and the online sphere.

My Portfolio features just a few examples of work as a writer, video producer and social media maven; including my three years as a Content Editor at Global, the Media and Entertainment Group.

After an extended hiatus from my channel, I dipped back into the world of YouTube content in mid-2017; Since then, I have experimented in branded videos, spoken word poetry, and travel vlogging.