011: Being John Malkovich (with Charlie McDonnell)

It’s time for a deep-dive into a man’s brain - but no, not John Malkovich. What is it about his 2am viewing of one of the weirdest movies of the 90s that has stuck with Charlie?…

Guest: Charlie McDonnell

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Media: Being John Malkovich (1999)

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Special thanks to: Ronan Heathcote

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008: Aliens (with Jake Pemberton)

BUG HUNT! Aliens brings a whole different vibe to its predecessor - so has Liam gotten away with bluffing about it in the past? No. Join him and a very knowledgable Jake on a path of self-discovery, the Fermi Paradox, and dumb ol’ jokes.

Guest: Jake Pemberton

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Media: Aliens (1986)

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007: Willow (with Hattie Clark)

It's time for some high fantasy about great heroes of shorter stature! Nope, not Lord Of The Rings. Join Hattie and Liam as they BOTH forget everything important about the 1988 cult classic, Willow!

Guest: Hattie Clark

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Media: Willow (1988)

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Special thanks to: Jack Ferry

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001: Blade Runner (with Sam Saffold)

Welcome to Movie Bluffs! We get right into the heart of the premise by discussing one of the most popular - and re-released - sci-fi films of all time.

Guest: Sam Saffold (@SuperSamStuff)

Media: Blade Runner (2007 Final Cut)

Thanks to: Emma Neil, Kayla (KrystalKairi), Sarah Moustafa, Ashley Robinson, Racheal Downey, Sam April, Jes Aldrich, Jacob Keesee, Nat (FlamingGear), Ariel Oster, Dan Cook

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