We The Unicorns (2015 - 2017)

We The Unicorns is a Global-owned brand dedicated to providing news, features and other content surrounding the world of online video and YouTubers.

Being a founding member of We The Unicorns' editorial team has allowed the opportunity to experiment with a new narrative on the YouTube community and industry; and a voice that talks directly to creators and their audiences, aka the people most interested in this coverage.

My experience as a YouTube community member and writer has allowed for unique insight into the worlds of online video and mainstream journalism; providing the opportunity to work on more developed editorial with a competitive level of perspective.


PopBuzz (2014 - 2017)

PopBuzz is the parent brand of We The Unicorns, specialising in a broader scope of coverage of music, TV, film and internet culture; all with a millennial-focused voice.

Launching this brand in 2014 allowed for broad experimentation of coverage until the site found its "voice"; and its current core editorial team specialise in gig coverage, celebrity interviews and a weekly podcast.


The Nerd Corps (2013)

A short-lived project for my final university assignment, The Nerd Corps was conceived under the brief to create and maintain a site dedicated to digital content.

Exploring stories related to pop culture, science & technology and online communities, The Nerd Corps, hosted on Tumblr, developed a modestly-proportioned following during its short tenure.