Social Circle (2018)

Influencer marketing company Social Circle aims to not only connect creators with brands, but also offer in-house support to help influencers better understand their worth and their place in the industry. This has included the publishing of advice content written by yours truly; which mostly requires signing up to the service to read, but occasionally articles will be made public on Medium.


We The Unicorns (2015 - 2017)

We The Unicorns is a Global-owned brand dedicated to providing news, features and other content surrounding the world of online video and YouTubers.

Being a founding member of We The Unicorns' editorial team allowed the opportunity to experiment with a new narrative on the YouTube community and industry; and a voice that talks directly to creators and their audiences, aka the people most interested in this coverage.

My experience as a YouTube community member and writer allowed for unique insight into the worlds of online video and mainstream journalism; providing the opportunity to work on more developed editorial with a competitive level of perspective.


PopBuzz (2014 - 2017)

PopBuzz is the parent brand of We The Unicorns, specialising in a broader scope of coverage of music, TV, film and internet culture; all with a millennial-focused voice.

Launching this brand in 2014 allowed for broad experimentation of coverage until the site found its "voice"; and its current core editorial team specialise in gig coverage, celebrity interviews and a weekly podcast.


Video Production (2008 - Present)

Online video has been the centre of my entire career; beginning with my own YouTube channel, I have gone on to produce and edit content for other brands and creators I have worked with, for a multitude of social platforms - most notably Facebook, experimenting with different forms of content designed to engage and drive traffic.


Social Media Accounts

As well as handling all my own social media since its inception, I have taken responsibility at various points for the voice of the brands I have worked for; and found unique ways to engage with each of their audiences.

Capital FM

Most prominent of my projects may be my time manning the Twitter account for Capital FM during their live events, the Jingle Bell Ball and Summertime Ball. By "live-GIF'ing" the performances, I was able to share snippets of the events of the show with Capital's 1 million followers and beyond - moments after they had happened onstage.

Summer in the City

Summer in the City is the UK's largest annual online video event, held in London's ExCeL Centre in August. As a co-founder of the event in 2009, I understand the public voice of SitC and have recently taken point on the social content strategy for the brand.


The Nerd Corps (2013)

A short-lived project for my final university assignment, The Nerd Corps was conceived under the brief to create and maintain a site dedicated to digital content.

Exploring stories related to pop culture, science & technology and online communities, The Nerd Corps, hosted on Tumblr, developed a modestly-proportioned following during its short tenure.